Discover, collect, & sell extraordinary NFTs
A catalogue of unique assets and NFTs await you on VRJAM’s digital item marketplace! Explore groundbreaking new possibilities for creators and collectors alike by buying stake in virtual real-estate Venue NFTs or get your backstage pass to one of our venues with a Location NFT. You can also buy, sell, and exchange products such as Avatar NFTs (or Web GL player skins), Ticket NFTs (for premium event access), and Experience NFTs (to grant ownership of an event itself).
Latest NFTs

J. Worra 4

915.00 VRJAM

J. Worra 3

800.00 VRJAM

J. Worra 2

850.00 VRJAM

J. Worra 5

750.00 VRJAM
Create your Avatar & sell your NFT
VRJAM has partnered with Ready Player Me to offer a rich, interactive solution which empowers you to create and save up to 50 custom avatar looks! Design your virtual identity from scratch by selecting from an array of clothing, accessories, and other styling options or upload your photo and let the AI do it for you. Creators also have the option to monetize their virtual self as an Avatar NFT, which you may then purchase on the marketplace to use as your player skin.



Buy VRJAM Coin

VRJAM Coin is an in-game, play-to-earn ERC20 token built on the Matic (Polygon) network. After the official open beta release, VRJAM Coin will launch via several of the world’s leading blockchain exchanges: Gate.io, MEXC, Bitmart, XT and Digifinex. VRJAM Coin is utilized in-app and on our marketplace for everything from ticket sales to advertising and beyond.

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