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VRJAM has partnered with Ready Player Me to offer a rich, interactive solution which empowers you to create and save up to 50 custom avatar looks! Design your virtual identity from scratch by selecting from an array of clothing, accessories, and other styling options or upload your photo and let the AI do it for you. Creators also have the option to monetize their virtual self as an Avatar NFT, which you may then purchase on the marketplace to use as your player skin.
Discover the virtual world of 5th Dimension. Stake your claim in 5th Dimension today by securing your venue and joining the foundation community of 5th Dimension land owners. Our contemporary properties are custom designed for you to embrace virtual reality within a limitless expanse of beauty and wonder where the power of the mind defines matter and time. During STAGE 2 real estate is available within 5th Dimension for free for a limited time to Creator Class citizens. Apply today to build your home in the metaverse and prepare to enter 5th Dimension.

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The W3Guild is one of the world’s leading professional communities of web3-focused game developers.


Its metaverse headquarters can be found within 5th Dimension on the island of Javaiya, in the heart of the downtown area of the city of Jotunheim, Javaiya’s unofficial capital.


The Guild is headed by specialists covering all aspects of game development to help onboard and provide continuous resources for success to gaming studios - everything from design and marketing to blockchain integration and token trading.


The Guild House is used by members of the Guild to host promotional and business events as well as live entertainment including concerts and side-events at the clubs. The building itself was kindly donated by Mars4, one of the Guild’s founding members, and the venue has been modeled as a homage to the Mars4 game world. Importantly, it’s been designed as a modular space that can be easily transformed and reconfigured to suit different types of live events. The venue has a wide array of live events features hard-wired into it including live motion capture, visual effects, high-quality audio-visual streaming and in-game voice chat.


Like many of the venues built inside 5th Dimension, the W3Guild House is designed to be a ‘hybrid’ events space by empowering performances in the real world to manifest in the metaverse, live in real-time. The video below provides a quick tour around the venue;




Events presented inside the W3Guild House are overseen by the 21 Founding members of the Guild and while the space is available for use by members of the public, anyone wishing to use the space to host an event must first join the guild as an honorary member and hold a W3Guild Location NFT.

More information on the W3Guild can be found at its official website:








The W3Guild House is intended to operate as a location-based VR experience at tech conferences and other similar live events. Location NFT Holders will receive a free ticket to any of the live events the W3Guild House appears at and will be warmly welcomed by the VRJAM team as guests at any event the venue has a presence at.




Holders of W3Guild House Location NFT's will get exclusive access to the VIP lounge and bar on the ground floor of the Guild House building (known as the ‘Black Sun Bar’) which can be used by members as a private meeting space or back-stage area during events. Admission to this space is only available to players who hold a W3G Location NFT in their connected wallet. The entrance to the Black Sun bar can be found to the right of the venue entrance, to the rear of the main escalators. 


(Please note that this Venue, like others on the VRJAM Platform, will not become fully operational until its official grand opening, scheduled to take place in Q3 ‘2023)





Access to the Guild House as a venue to host live events is only available to W3Guild Location NFT holders. NFT Holders wishing to use the space also need to join the W3Guild on the VRJAM platform, a link to the W3Guild home page on can be found here:




Applications to host events can be made by contacting the admin of the W3Guild via email and including your VRJAM account username, [email protected]. Please note that final approval for any events presented in the Guild House will be subject to a vote by the W3Guild DAO.



Holding a W3Guild Location NFT imparts the power to jump up to 30m higher than regular avatars to its holder while inside the W3Guild House, with a return-to-earth velocity approximately 50% slower than normal.

Terminal 3



NeoTokyo Terminal 3 is the main entry port through which travelers must pass when first arriving at the city of NeoTokyo. Terminal 3 is a melting pot of peoples and cultures from across 5th Dimension who arrive at the metropolis of Neotokyo seeking fame and fortune in its streets and subways. 


To welcome new arrivals to NeoTokyo, the city provides free entertainment in the form of performances from some of NeoTokyo's hottest DJ talent, as if to send a message to new arrivals that life here in the capital of Utara exists on another plane, one quite unlike any other place in 5th Dimension. 


Over time, Terminal 3 became a hotspot for savvy members of the Nuri and Savi Factions to recruit new members from the throngs of wide-eyed newcomers, always on the lookout for new and impressionable arrivals who can easily be sold and cajoled into membership of one faction or the other. 


To accommodate the crowds, make-shift bars and food stalls have sprung up along on the margins of Terminal 3, creating a hospitable and often times unpredictable point of entry to the city of Neotokyo.


Since its launch over 2 years ago, NeoTokyo Terminal 3 has hosted a roll call of top-tier DJ talent. Just a few of the world-class artists to have performed at Terminal 3 include Umek, Neverdogs, Rich Dietz and Deysa (among many others).


Like all of the venues built inside 5th Dimension, Terminal 3 is designed to be a ‘hybrid’ events space by empowering performances in the real world to manifest in the metaverse, live in real-time. The video below profiles an avatar performance from techno pioneer Umek at Europe's leading music tech conference, Amsterdam Dance Event:







Holders of Terminal 3 Location NFT's will get access to the VIP bar to the rear of the DJ Booth inside the Terminal building. The entrance to the VVIP bat can be found to the right of the DJ booth along the terrace (the entrance is guarded by a couple of cybernetically enhanced bouncers)


Please note that this Venue, like all others on the platform, will not become fully operational until after the completion of Stage 3 (please refer to our road map for more information on the Stages included in the activation schedule for 5th Dimension)



Holders of Terminal 3 Location NFT's will receive audio recordings of any DJ sets performed at Terminal 3,  rendered as super rare NFT’s minted using $VRJAM on Polygon. Audio recordings will be made available exclusively to Location NFT holders and accordingly, these NFT’s will super-rare collector's items that also commemorate the live events that the recordings arise from.


Holding a Terminal 3 Location NFT imparts the power to jump up to 30m higher than regular avatars to its holder while inside Terminal 3, with a return-to-earth velocity approximately 50% slower than normal.

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VRJAM Blue is an in-game, play to earn token built on the Hedera Network.

Our token is the primary method of payment used on the VRJAM Platform and caters to a range of utilities from staking and liquidity provision to digital asset purchases and NFT minting via the VRJAM Marketplace.

Revenue produced by subscriptions and transactional commissions through our marketplace is contributed to the token economy for liquidity provision and buy back, producing a flywheel of evergreen value creation.

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